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International Patients

Every international patient is important to us during and even after they take leave from under our care, especially knowing that you have crossed countries to come to us for help. Every member of each department at Xanadu Healthcare strives to make sure that not only do we provide our patient and his/her caregiver with great hospitality and have them feel right at home but also that they go back to their country with a healthy and carefree mind. We do our best in providing our patients and their caregivers with complete assistance so that they do not have to struggle with anything which means ensuring that not only the treatment but the entire medical journey is smooth, hassle free, and comfortable, hand-holding them at every step to provide a world-class experience.

Reasons for International Clients seeking medical care Overseas

Psychological/Psychiatric problems cut across international borders and trouble all citizens of the world. Their geographical prevalence is mostly uniform; however, local sociocultural factors do influence their manifestation and course of illness. Yet, the management of these disorders globally is standard and follows established international guidelines. The reasons for international citizens seeking medical care overseas are mostly due to -


  • Exorbitant costs in home country

  • Lengthy waiting time

  • Insurance related problems- High co-pay, Only short stay

  • Non availability of service/ treatment

  • Lack of available mental healthcare set up and trained professionals (Psychiatry)

  • Job loss

Benefits of coming to India for Medical Care

There are a huge number of international citizens coming to India for treatment of various deceases, needing immediate medical attention. The most common reasons being -

  • Low costs

  • Quick access to treatment

  • Most of the locals know the English language

  • Rich cultural heritage

  • Exotic places of tourism for family/caregivers

Why you should go for treatment at Xanadu Healthcare

There are many reasons as to why you should go for our services, some of them being:

  • We have qualified, credentialed professionals

  • There are no waiting times for appointments/treatment of our patients

  • There is patient controlled admission

  • We offer care at lower costs, in terms of professional fee, and service charges

  • We allow family engagement in therapy where it is required

  • We provide patient- centric treatment modules

  • We have a cumulative experience of over many decades in mental healthcare

Some more benefits of choosing Xanadu Healthcare are -

  • Internationally trained experts from reputable institutions

  • Government recognized and Accredited services

Xanadu Healthcare draws from the collective experience of its consultants trained at top Indian and international universities to provide World Class, cutting- edge treatment to our patients. Our consultants actively contribute to research having presented scientific papers at International platforms.

Xanadu Healthcare provides First World Health Care at Third World Price

Our Top Services

There are many services provided by us, but a few of them are more popular than the rest -

  • De-addiction Treatment

  • Depression Treatment

  • Schizophrenia Treatment

Travel and Accommodation

Xanadu Healthcare alliances with International Air Ambulance service, to facilitate a smooth access for our international patients to the services provided by us. We do our best to make sure that our international patients reach and discharge from the hospital hassle free.


Tel. ‎+91 124 494 8438 / +91 82877 12625

WhatsApp. +91 85278 5989


Xanadu Healthcare Pvt Ltd,
1299 P, Sector 46, Gurgaon,
122003, Haryana, India.

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