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To be the best Rehab in this part of the world, helping the not so fortunate people get back to happier lives that they can enjoy among their family and friends.

Our Story

It all started on a very beautiful trek in the most amazing Kashmir valley where these like-minded and compassionate friends decided to join hands towards a very "close to heart" cause,  by bringing on board the vast experience that each has in their  respective fields, "This" was the birth of "XANADU" 

Any team is as strong as the leader and with Dr. Rohit Garg, the leading most, multi-awarded Senior Psychiatrist from India at the helm, only sky is the limit for this tireless team consisting of experienced Doctors, Psychologists, Lifestyle Coaches, Nutritionists, and the very important Support staff to achieve our Mission and Vision. 

Mental disorders and addiction are definitely curable and we at XANADU pledge to reach out as much and to as many as possible. 

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Xanadu as the name suggests,  aims to be the epitome of comfort  and luxury while treating the patients holistically  with utmost care and caution.  Starting with treatment of mental disorders and addiction of alcohol and other substance , Xanadu  aims expanding operations to  world class and state of the art Sports injury rehabilitation centres and old age homes.

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