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Our Mission

To deliver best-in-class treatment to those who need it. Constantly staying relevant in our fields, we believe, as doctors, that we have created a place unlike anywhere else in the world. Xanadu represents healing.

Our Story

The seed was planted atop Mount Kilimanjaro when three friends decided to join hands after trekking through its acres of natural beauty. Like-minded, they found themselves at a crossroads, deciding to join hands to create something as beautiful as the wilderness that lay before them. Their cause was close to their hearts, their experience commensurate, and their intentions pure. This was the birth of Xanadu. 


What does Xanadu mean? The name, inspired by the Mongolian citadel, has its roots in the concept of a safe haven. Xanadu is a place one may come to escape the stressors of their day-to-day lives, relax, recuperate, and recover. 


Led by a multidisciplinary team of dedicated psychologists and staff helmed by award-winning psychiatrist Dr. Rohit Garg, our curriculum includes yoga, nutrition, psychological support, lifestyle coaching, Anonymous programs (AA/NA), music therapy, dance therapy, and other stimulating activities to support well-being and recovery.


Here at Xanadu, we don’t believe in lost causes. We believe in you, and we believe in our ability to treat you. We believe in nurturing your resilience. This is our pledge.

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Our vision is a safe haven for our patients to achieve mental wellness. We specialize in disciplines ranging from drug rehabilitation to sports medicine. We offer holistic treatment options in conjunction with the very best that modern medicine has to offer, all with the comfort and luxury expected of a center of this caliber.

Call us, we can help.

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