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We Provide Care For | Addictive Disorders

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction, a taboo in many cultures, is far more common than you think. Characterized by an inability to stop using and an unmanageable life, drug addiction tears apart families and leaves deep scars. Fortunately, we here at Xanadu are here to help you and your loved ones on your road to recovery. Our qualified team of psychiatrists, medical doctors, and psychologists, in collaboration with local Anonymous programs (AA/NA) is there to deliver treatment to the still suffering addict. We also offer Medication assisted treatment for addictive disorders.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol's social acceptability and highly addictive nature are a dangerous cocktail, leaving the destruction of the alcoholic and their families its wake. Here at Xanadu, we offer counseling, Anonymous programs, Medication Assisted Treatment, and other remedies for the suffering alcoholic.

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