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We Provide Care For | Disorders in Children

ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Does your child have difficulties in paying attention in class or other academic settings? Do you worry that their symptoms go beyond the typical? Your child may be suffering from ADD or ADHD. We at Xanadu and our award winning team of child psychologists work with children using medication, Family Intervention, and Behavioral Therapy.

Asperger’s Syndrome

A disorder that is on the autism spectrum, it is much less severe than autism. However, it does mirror some of its symptoms, especially in the social realm. This means that your child might have difficulty relating to others, engaging in conversation, and making friends. We work with occupational and behavioral therapists to treat this disorder.

Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder describes a child who is predisposed to disregard the welfare and needs of others. This is not to be confused with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) or other disorders. We here at Xanadu can diagnose and treat your child using Behavioral and Family Therapy.


Hyperactivity can be a part of any child's developmental cycle. However, excessive hyperactivity can be treated using behavioral therapy. We here at Xanadu offer many treatment options for hyperactivity.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities cover a range of disorders and varying degrees of severity. We work with your child using Adapted and Accommodated Instruction, Modified Tuition, and Behavioral Therapy to treat these conditions.

Tourette’s syndrome

It is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder which generally takes onset in childhood and grows more severe as the childhood passes through adolescence. It is characterized by involuntary speech, which is categorized as a form of Tic (see Tic Disorder, located on this page). We work with neurologists and occupational therapists to treat this disorder.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, refers to when a child is born on the autism spectrum. Symptoms include social learning difficulties, difficulties in relating to others and making friends, speech difficulties, and, in some cases, intellectual disabilities. We work with children on the spectrum using Occupational Therapy and Behavioral Therapy.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

When your child is continuously defiant beyond the reasonable expectation, they might be suffering from oppositional defiant disorder. This is characterized by a short temper, and causes range from traumatic events to parental dysfunction. We at Xanadu work with kids using Behavioral and Family Therapy to treat this disorder.

Tic Disorder

Similar to Tourette's, tics are involuntary movements caused by errant signals from the brain, which initiate muscle spasms. We work with neurologists and occupational therapists to treat this disorder.

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