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ADHD(Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADHD is a chronic condition where a child is not able to focus on anything clearly, is extremely overactive and impulsive at most times.


Interrupting others in their conversation 


is the most crucial part for the development of human brain; Learning Disability significantly reduces the intellectual ability, creating difficulty in performance of everyday activities.

Mathematical disorder

It is also known as dyscalculia. It makes the basic psychological process involved in understanding or use of math impossible.

Tic Disorder

It is the experiencing of spasm like movements of particular muscles.


Difficulty in remembering things and keeping focus. ​

Autism Spectrum Disorder

It has its roots very early in the stage of brain development of a child, where a serious neurodevelopment disorder restricts a child’s ability to communicate and have interactions with others. 

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

It is a childhood disorder which is best characterized by behaviours of a child which are negatively defiant, disobedient towards adults. 

Tourette’s syndrome

It is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder which generally takes onset in childhood and grows more severe as the childhood passes through adolescence.

Rett’s Disorder

It is a rare genetic disorder that affects the way the brain develops; it can be termed as atrophy (gradual shrinking of brain). It is found almost exclusively in girls.


  • Talkativeness 

  • Short tempered 

Asperger’s syndrome

It is a development disorder which is related to autism spectrum disorder. In Asperger’s Syndrome a child behaves in a restricted and repetitive pattern of behaviour and interests. It is commonly found in males and its signs start to appear before the child turns 1 year old. 

Conduct Disorder

It is a psychological disorder, diagnosed in childhood or adolescence. 

Elimination Disorder

It deals with the involuntary or intentional passing of faeces and urine by a child in inappropriate places.

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