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Careers at Xanadu Healthcare

Xanadu is currently offering many exciting career opportunities including Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologist positions, Counseling, and Care Staff. We are also looking for Nursing Staff for our senior patients. Salary is competitive and determined by experience upon entry.

Internship Opportunities

We offer Psychology students the exciting chance to participate in a real-live psychiatric environment studying real cases. Interns will get a chance to participate in and conduct group therapy sessions, sit in on individual therapy sessions, and build their experience with us here at Xanadu. We offer limited seats, so schedule your interview today.

What We Want

We are looking for motivated, driven, and competent Psychology Professionals. As part of your work here, you will supervise patients and interns, conduct therapies, work under our Psychiatric Head Dr. Garg, and conduct case studies. We are also looking for experienced care and nursing staff. 2-3 years of experience is preferred, but we are willing to train the right people upon entry into Xanadu Healthcare.

Set Up An Interview

We promise to look at every application! All qualified applicants will be contacted by our hiring managers.

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