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Delusional Disorder 

Delusion disorder is a condition associated with one or more delusions of thinking, such as expressing false beliefs that occur in real life situations like being stalked, being seen or heard by others, being poisoned, etc. 

Delusional Disorder is generally not due to a medical condition or substance abuse. 

Delusions may be of the following types:- 

  1. Grandiose type- The patient believes that He/she has some great but unrecognized talent, a special talent, special identity, knowledge or special relationship with someone famous. 

  2. Erotomanic type- The patient believes that a person, usually of higher social standing is in love with the individual. 

  3. Jealous type- The patient believes his spouse or partner is cheating upon him. 

  4. Persecutory type- The patient believes he is being cheated, spied, drugged or followed upon. 

  5. Somantic type- The patient feels physical sensation or some bodily dysfunction like foul odour, insects crawling on them etc. 

  6. Mixed type- The patient has characteristics of one or more of the above types, or any other unspecified type of delusion. 


  • Suspicion and doubtful 

  • Hallucinations 

  • Disorganized speech 

  • Highly fluctuating emotions 

  • Disorganized behaviour 

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