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Dr Anubha Dubey

Clinical Psychologist

Dr.Anubha Dubey is an RCI licensed Clinical

Psychologist at Xanadu Healthcare,

1299P Sector-46, Gurgaon and a

visiting consultant Clinical Psychologist at Rebuilding Minds at Delhi.

She has a Master's in Clinical Psychology, a Master in Applied

Clinical Health Psychology from Middlesex

University ( London ) and another Master Degree in

Clinical Psychology and done MPhil in

Clinical Psychology (RCI). She has

participated in various international

workshops at BRENT ( London) and has

received certifications.

with a breadth of experience working in a

range of psychotherapy and psychological

assessments she provides services in

different types of psychotherapies

Systematic desensitization, Cognitive

Behavioural, REBT, ACT (Acceptance and

Commitment therapy), Smoking cessation(London)

Cognitive Drill Therapy skills and Pranic


Her blend of Clinical Psychology and Eastern

Mindfulness techniques help clients to

recover from their Blues.

With over Fourteen years of experience in

Psychotherapy and testing, She also has vast

experience in dealing with cases of

depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction,

relationships counseling, adolescent

counseling and many more.

Dr Anubha Dubey
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